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Episode Song Title Album Artist Buy
310 Otherside Heavy Hitters Music Group, LLC The Grand Mess
309 Everybody Deserves To Be Free This Joy Resistance Revival Chorus & Deva Mahal
309 Zeff APM Music APM Studio Musicians
309 Violin Sonata No.5 in F Major – Allegro Extreme Music Group Holdings LLC Extreme Studio Musicians
309 Un Jour Ou L’autre Unknown album Juno R
308 Real Cool Unknown album Chair Model
308 Boss Babe Unknown album Majority V
308 Say So Unknown album Offshore
308 Make ‘em Turn Around Unknown album I Am ORFA
308 Work Unknown album REGALJASON
308 Never Say Die Unknown album Elisa Hayes
307 Make It Make It - Single Ruby Velle
307 To The Class Of- Pov Bleed The Rads
307 Slow Like Honey Unknown album Anda
307 Meditation APM Music APM Studio Musicians and Singers
306 Boomerang Love Is War Bonhom
306 Life In Colour Life In Color – EP Charles William
306 Hell Taste your Words Jordan Max
306 All Eyes On Me Unknown album Brute Tiger
305 Empty Siren Lakshmi
305 Sad Together Looks Like I Have a Life – EP Beth Duck
305 Breaking The Mold Unknown album Sirah
305 Dandylion Unknown album Rochelle Bloom
305 Keep On Movin’ Up III – Ep Norman
304 Chocolate Samurai Have You Lost Your Mind yet? Fantastic Negrito
304 Save You Unknown album Tim Halperin
304 Chains Taste Your Words Jordan Max
304 Magic Unknown album Leah Levi
304 We Gonna Shine Unknown album Spence
303 Woo Woo – Single Wande
303 Best Believe Unknown album Braceface Rio
303 War In The Streets Unknown album Redwood ft. Craig Craig
303 Who I Am (Clean) Unknown album LATASHÁ
302 Trust Issues Unknown album Laraw
302 Surviving Nothing is Lost Luca Fogale
301 Heroes Never Die Lulu Hand Grenade – Single Lulu Hand Grenade
301 Light ‘Em Up Heavy Hitters Music Group, LLC II KNGS
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