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Nancy Drew


Episode Song Title Album Artist Buy
105 High School Cadets APM Music APM Studio Musicians
105 How About Mine APM Music APM Studio Musicians
105 The Darkest Places The Darkest Places – Single Le Bon
105 Don’t Panic She Won’t Make Sense The Harmaleighs
105 Alright Now Oh, Wild Ocean Of Love Benjamin Jaffe
105 Haunted Head Sunny Side Down Mark Crozer & The Rels
105 Love Maze 5 Alarm Music 5 Alarm Studio Musicians & Singers
105 We Killed Our Hearts Midnight Parade The Day
105 Broadway Bounce 5 Alarm Music 5 Alarm Studio Musicians
105 Light On Your Feet de Wolfe Music USA Inc. de Wolfe Studio Musicians
105 Easy And Smooth de Wolfe Music USA Inc. de Wolfe Studio Musicians
105 Fancy Footwork Extreme Music Extreme Studio Musicians
105 Weight Midnight Window Annie Williams
105 Wandering Star Unreleased Perryman
104 The Hope That Kills You As We Leave
104 I Feel It Coming On Contessa
104 Stay With Me Boroughs
104 Write It On the Moon FIEU
104 Nobody Does It Like You Do Vinyl Pinups
104 Float Jude Shuma
104 Darlin Batz
103 Gotta Get It Bodytalkr & Club Yoko
103 Open Highway Head Start Cold Arizona
103 Young Love The Tryouts
103 Ocean Audio Jane
103 Chambers Tamino
103 Open Wide (Emerglow Remix pt 2) Broadhurst
102 Bad Magic (I Don’t Believe You) The Abyssmals The Abyssmals
102 Castaway 404 Barns Courtney
102 Renegade Energy The Little Album – EP Tacky Annie
102 I Will Be Take A Walk – EP Lisa Caruso
102 Something New Unreleased Stok
102 We Don’t Have To Dance It Will Come To You ACTORS
101 Keep Movin' N/A Imaginary Future
101 Secrets And He Said Honey, You Look So Fine - EP Le Pie
101 The Call Oncoming Clouds Tom West
101 Hey Coach Taylor N/A (Library Cue)
101 Got You (Where I Want You) Holiday Man The Flys
101 Float Float (Single) Jude Shuma
101 Wake Me Up Wake Me Up (Single) Fleurie
101 7 Rings Ariana Grande Ariana Grande
101 Something For Everybody N/A I Am ORFA
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